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kidshealthrevolution podcast

Sep 5, 2017

On this episode of The Kid's Health Revolution Podcast I talk with author Janice Condon about her gut health book for kids.  Janice shares the inspiration for a such a ground breaking children's book, shares excerpts and let's us know how our kid's could benefit from a better understanding of what is going on inside their little bellies. It is a great way to teach kids about the microbiome and to teach kids about gut health. 

Janice was a delight to talk with and I have read the book many times with my son since receiving it in the mail.  I enjoy having a fun and playful way to explain some of our dietary restrictions and some of the supplements he has been taken since he was 2 years old.  I think this book is a great jumping off point for great conversation and understanding for our kids on safe guarding our health. 


Jan Condon is a retired Occupational Therapist with a keen interest in nutrition for wellness. Her passion to share respect for gut microbes came from personal experience: the overuse of antibiotics in childhood and the problems it led to.
“Around middle age, I suffered from skin problems, weight loss, cloudy thinking, and a lack of energy. Not one of the seven doctors I visited mentioned my gut as a possible source of my problems. I finally found help through the local Weston A. Price group. By healing my gut, I resolved my many health issues. I will
always be grateful to them.”

The author jogs almost daily, and practices Ashtanga Yoga. She and her husband,Frank, compete in Track and Field. He is the current world-record-holder in the Indoor Mile, Men 65-69, 5min 11 sec. They live in Chico, California.

You can visit Jan’s site at