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kidshealthrevolution podcast

Feb 22, 2017

As the parent of a child with a chronic illness or autoimmune condition searching for solutions can be a lonely and exasperating path. Connecting to other people’s stories is like a life line feeding us the inspiration, confidence and courage we need to take action. The launch recorded in June of 2105 show is all about getting you inspired with some incredible stories of hope and triumph. These remarkable moms have helped their children improve health and happiness despite being told there was little to be done. These are stories of revolutionary women who are making a difference in their children’s lives. Stories like theirs, and my own, can unite us, move us and become powerful catalysts for change. Stories hearten us on this path and shine an inviting light onto what is possible.

Maria is a computer engineer turned stay at home mom, home school teacher and ASD health researcher. At 2 years old her son was diagnosed with Autism and they were told by the developmental pediatrician that he would never develop functional language. Maria never gave up on her son, she dove into research and using diet and biomedical approaches to help him. Now at 10 years of age, her son tests at a genius level and has language skills that surpass even some adults! He is a bright, funny, caring young boy with a future.

Tracey is a Calgary-based holistic nutritionist, GAPS certified practitioner, and instructor at CSNN. She is the mom of 3 amazing kids, including a child recovering from autoimmune and neurological conditions. Her son’s journey inspired her to specialize in gut health as it relates to autoimmune and neurological conditions, with a special interest in supporting brain plasticity. Parenting her youngest son has been a struggle with daily challenges, but a dietary approach to his health has been an incredible gift. It has been a bit like seeing a butterfly emerge from a cocoon – slowly the beautiful boy he was meant to be is emerging.