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kidshealthrevolution podcast

Feb 22, 2017

On our very first episode of the show we talked to two awe inspiring mom's who have made a real difference in their children's lives and health using diet and natural approaches. Listeners of Kids Health Revolution Radio want to hear more and dive deeper into these mom's stories. This week we are going to go deeper into Tracey's story of triumph with her son who struggles with autoimmune and neurological issues. She will share her process with us. What she found that worked for her son and what didn't. We will hear about her own personal journey through the process of helping her son. It promises to be another inspiring show that will light the spark in you and propel you forward into taking action to improve your child's health. If you listen live to the show you can call Tracey and I with your questions.

Tracey is a Calgary-based holistic nutritionist, GAPS certified practitioner, and instructor at CSNN. She is the mom of 3 amazing kids, including a child recovering from autoimmune and neurological conditions. Her son’s journey inspired her to specialize in gut health as it relates to autoimmune and neurological conditions, with a special interest in supporting brain plasticity. Parenting her youngest son has been a struggle with daily challenges, but a dietary approach to his health has been an incredible gift. It has been a bit like seeing a butterfly emerge from a cocoon – slowly the beautiful boy he was meant to be is emerging.