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kidshealthrevolution podcast

Feb 22, 2017

Are your kids getting enough shut eye for optimal health?

What impact might it have if they are not? Lack of sleep is being regarded as a trigger for autoimmune and chronic illness and researchers are recognizing the critical role that proper sleep plays in the health and happiness of our kids. This week on the show we are going to be talking all things sleep with parenting Guru Gail Bell. We will delve into the importance of sleep and how exactly it affects our kids when they don’t get enough. We will talk about sleep problems that can occur in kids and we will of course give you some guidance on how to solve those problems. It is time to for the whole family to get a better nights rest!

In 2002, with a combined 30 years experience in the education sector, Gail Bell and Julie Freedman Smith founded Parenting Power with the goal of helping parents face everyday challenges. Through their company, they create Parenting Power; parents who have the real life tools they need to raise the healthy, capable, interdependent people the world needs. Over 14 years later, Parenting Power continues to expand and offer a comprehensive suite of parenting tools, including coaching, courses and conferences. In 2013, Gail and Julie co-authored their first book A YEAR of Intentional Parenting. Gail’s career has always involved working with children, both home and abroad. Her 20+ years in the public